Sunday, March 1, 2015

Hyrule Warriors Boss Pack: The rundown

Since once again, Europe got the whole thing early.

The level cap has been increased, but not to 250 like I expected, but 255... not anything major, though. There are a bunch of new potions: one that reduces weak point gauges faster (125 bronze mats, 25000 Rupees), one that increases damage against giant bosses (150 bronze mats, 30000 Rupees), and one that allows you to absorb magic from giant bosses (175 bronze mats, 35000 Rupees and a very grateful Young Link). There are also more additional medals, including a platinum trophy-style "get all medals" medal.

As far as Ganon goes, he starts with a few different attacks (controls are VASTLY different from regular warriors, for instance he has a spinning attack instead of blocking), but when you kill a giant boss (with those attacks, since he doesn't have items), you get that boss' special attack, Megaman-style. Said attack allows you to kill other bosses easier - for instance, Argorok is weak to King Dodongo's fireball, and when you hit it with that its weak point is exposed.

There's also a hidden additional Challenge Mode thing featuring a giant Cucco, as a joke obviously. It's practically identical to the Ganon mode, and is unlocked by getting an A rank in Ganon's "Survival Battle Level 3" stage. Understandably, the Cucco is as gimped as Ganon is OP, with only a spammable weak peck, a slightly stronger peck, a special attack and a Focus Spirit mode. As a side note, Ganon and the Cucco can't access the Bazaar for anything, not even increasing their levels.

And yes, the load times were fixed. Thank GOD.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

What kind of person are you?

When you see this, do you feel terrible for the player, or laugh maniacally at their misfortune?

Friday, February 20, 2015

I done messed up.

Generally I try to not spread information that isn't true, but this time that's exactly what I did. Remember when I said that in Hyrule Warriors the Regular Attack+ skill only boosted the first attack of the string? Well, further testing deemed that false. It boosts every attack of your regular attack string, not just the first. However, it still does NOT boost combo attacks as some other places reported. Heck, there's nothing about combo moves in the skill's tooltip to start with, so I have no idea how THAT got around to start with. Same with the skill being called "Normal Attack+" instead of "Regular Attack+"... maybe it's a European thing? As far as I'm aware there are a few differences in localization between NA and Europe, such as "Rogue Forces" being referred to as "Other Forces" or something like that in the latter.

Snow Warning Aurorus will be a thing soon

And with that, every non-legendary will have access to its hidden ability in some way, shape or form. Now Aurorus is a pretty terrible Pokémon from the start, but Snow Warning may still be helpful. Unlike what many people seem to claim, Snow Warning IS a fairly solid choice compared to Refrigerate thanks to Blizzard getting perfect accuracy. It's just a smidge less powerful, but it can freeze and isn't blocked by Soundproof (that's on top of hail's chip damage and the ability to disrupt opposing weather users, too). However, Refrigerate Hyper Voice bypasses subs, and you don't have to put up with hail hitting your teammates or running out at the worst time (though let's be honest, what kind of Aurorus lasts five turns without dying or switching out?).

Thursday, February 19, 2015

The anime writers do their best!

Seriously, what's wrong with Japanese Pokémon episode names nowadays? It's like they ran out of words or something. Get a load of this:

Episode 852: Mobilize, Lapras Defense Corps! Bonnie Does Her Best!
Episode 859: Dedenne Does Its Best! All for Goomy!
Episode 868: Enter Wartortle and Raichu! Sliggoo Does Its Best!

All in a span of 17 episodes. They reuse the same idiom THREE TIMES in SEVENTEEN TITLES. Yeah. I don't think I need to add any more.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Where I complain about stuff

- Fuck winter. Just, fuck winter. I know, I should be grateful that I've gotten by with barely any snow so far, but instead of snow it's nothing but arctic cold. Every. Single. Day. This is especially frustrating since this is the first winter where I have a remote starter, and it's often so cold in the morning that I can't use it because my car would stall if I did, forcing me to come down and start it the old-fashioned way. Remote starters are handy not just because your engine is all heated up when you're ready to go, but also because either you get rid of the ice on the windshield, or it's considerably easier to scrape off. When I got mine installed, I thought I'd be more or less done with that shit. I was really looking forward to having an easier time with my car, but troll winter decided otherwise.

- One thing I really hate about my local supermarket is that they keep swapping the locations of each item in the produce section. One week I could want grapes and a cucumber and find them in one place, then the next week they could be elsewhere entirely, causing me to walk around like an idiot all over the place trying to find them. Now, my mother works in a store (a clothing store, but still), so she knows all the secrets of the trade. When I asked her why they did that, she told me it was to encourage impulse buying. I didn't even need to let that sink in, my first, immediate reaction was, WHO THE FUCK IMPULSE BUYS PRODUCE?!? No, seriously, who ever says "oh my god, I want this celery so bad"? Pretty sure the salary they pay the poor employees to do all that moving stuff around doesn't even pay for itself.

- Speaking of my mother's workplace, she once told me that inspectors representing our friends at the Office Québécois de la Langue Française (I don't think I need to translate that for you) came to the store, inspected the snot out of everything, and eventually complained that the buttons on the photocopier were in English, and asked that French stickers be put over them, including the on/off switch. That's literally the worst thing they could find there. The goddamn photocopier. Meanwhile, people in Montreal have a hard time getting businesses to communicate with them in French, and they focus on a photocopier in a store in the middle of nowhere. Hell, you're allowed to sell stuff like this (which I found in a Canadian Tire) and get off scot-free, probably because even though it's a complete word salad, at least those are French words, who cares whether people can understand them or not. Now, most of you don't understand French, so you might not be able to tell, but I'm pretty sure Google Translate would do infinitely better than this. This is honest to God the worst translation I have ever seen, and a great reason to strive to be bilingual.

- People are still butthurt over Tingle making it into Hyrule Warriors after all this time. How does the song go again? Let it go? I mean, seriously... I thought the Skull Kid was going to be the other character, but I was absolutely 100% certain Tingle was going to make it in, if only because he's popular in Japan (why?). But I never see anyone mention that little fact, because SK0LL KIDD N MAJORA R SO MUCH KEWL4R.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Information on the final HW DLC

Of course this one is far smaller than the rest, being only three dollars instead of eight (unless you bought the season pass, then that's a moot point anyway), but it still features some nice goodies. The free update that comes with it features new potions, new medals and another level cap increase. The latter feels unnecessary considering how little content is being added this time, but I guess it answers the question of how Twili Midna, Young Link and Tingle will get their full three rows of hearts. It's also meant to solve the problems with the longer load times since the MM pack came out... let's hope it works out a bit better than the PS3 version of Sonic 2006, eh?

As for the DLC, aptly named the "Boss Pack", it consists of two extra scenarios for Challenge Mode: one where you fight a neverending gauntlet of giant bosses (maybe as a more difficult version of the boss rush mission on the rewards map?), and one where you FIGHT AS GANON. No no no no no, not Ganondorf, GANON. It goes without saying that he's not going to be playable in any other modes, but that's still the ultimate form of fanservice (then again, the ENTIRE GAME is fanservice, so...). These scenarios will feature some extra costumes as rewards, and Link, Lana, Zelda, Ganondorf and Cia will be the lucky recipients. Presumably these are going to be costumes based on the giant bosses, since everything else in this pack is.