Friday, July 31, 2015

Scientific journals are money-sucking scumbags.

When you charge $50 for the right to access a one-page article written in 1897 for two days, you know you've outdone every possible attempt at wallet draining. Even the worst DLC factories and annual-release franchises got nothing on this.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Horrors like this are the reason why Tumblr exists.

So I came across this review of a tabletop RPG known as FATAL (don't ask how), and after reading it I'm feeling utterly depressed. How does anyone even think this is a good idea? I can't even begin to imagine any kind of work of fiction that treats women as badly as this. This makes Christian Grey look like a paragon of virtue! Yeah, I said that. Fight me. This game claims to be historically accurate, but it makes Genji 2's similarly outrageous boast look perfectly truthful. Yes, women have been mistreated pretty badly throughout history... but never even close to THIS badly. Seriously, you ought to read this thing if you ever feel like you have brain cells to kill.

Oh, one more thing. I don't know shit about tabletop RPGs, and even I can only look at this fuckheap's mechanics and say "what the hell was this sack of misfiring synapses thinking"? The "maximum speech rate" stat potentially being lower than the "average speech rate" stat in particular had the effect of a shotgun blast to the face when I read that part, not to mention the fact that d10000000 rolls are a thing in this monstrosity (despite having only five different outcomes, so what's the point?). Hell, doing some quick research it seems d1000 rolls are very rare in that kind of games, so the logical thing to do? Add four more zeroes anyway! Oh, and enjoy trying to remember which die's the tens, the hundreds, the thousands, etc.

Usually, doing this is really, really stupid, but I think for this one case, we can all get a free pass, right?

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Tommy Wiseau is a child molester

According to Greg Sestero's book, The Disaster Artist, The Room's never-before-told canon claims Lisa is 21 (Juliette Danielle's age when the movie was made, whether it's coincidental or not). She and Johnny were stated by the movie to have been together for seven years prior to the movie's events - making Lisa 14 years old when she first started dating Johnny. Ergo, Johnny is a pedophile.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Good Smog, bad Smog

For the last two weeks or so, trying to circumvent Endless Battle Clause through various means has been all the rage. This led to a Heal Pulse ban for singles, but players quickly found other ways to making a battle last forever without it anyway. So instead of having a lengthy list of bans for the sole purpose of preventing endless battles, the creator of Pokémon Showdown has been attempting a far more unusual, surgical approach, one that would make Endless Battle Clause impossible to kick in unless you're specifically trying to make an endless battle happen. You can read about all the details here (make sure to read all of the thread, because things ended up evolving very rapidly). Quite frankly, I'm trying to understand what the most recent iteration entails, but it just makes my brain BSOD. But it's an approach I can get behind. And yes, I realize I made a huge complaint about needlessly complicated combo bans earlier this month, but the key word here is "needlessly". With all the ways people are finding out to make battles either last forever or 1000+ turns (making even gen 2 look like a cutthroat offensive metagame in comparison), I think it's important to not gimp individual components of these strategies that are harmless on their own, and the sheer amount of such components brings the need to do things this way.

But then movie 18 comes out, and Hoopa is finally released. As you may remember, ORAS introduced the Unbound form, which gives Hoopa a type change and increased stats, mostly to physical attack, but also slight boosts to special attack and speed. The end result is the best stallbreaker in the world, period. Most stallbreakers can meet their match, even on stall teams. Not Hoopa-U. Its stat spread and typing leave it in a situation where it can shred balance teams and do even worse things to pure stall, but offensive teams have little trouble getting past it with its bad physical bulk (which gets even worse after Hyperspace Fury) and lack of any resistance beyond the Psychic immunity. It makes balance and stall absolutely unviable, and as per Smogon's policy this should be enough for a quickban. But nope, we're not getting that. No quickban, and no agreement on whether it should be banned first THEN tested, or tested before it gets banned. So it might take a while for this plague to be overcome. The main problem Kyurem has is a terrible movepool (to such an extent most Kyurem-Bs in OU max out special attack on what should ideally be a pure physical attacker). Hoopa doesn't have this issue, it has move for days. Wanna use Trick? Trick Room? Nasty Plot? All kinds of attacking moves? It's all there. Heck, it has deceptively strong special bulk, being capable of taking a +3 Scald from Manaphy or a Draco Meteor from Latios and living... AFTER Stealth Rock damage! I suppose that on the wings of Mega Metagross' continued stay in OU, this removes any kind of point those who complain Smogon is trigger-happy might've had, but there are times when you just need to pull the trigger anyway. And clearly this is one such time.

While we're on the subject of Hoopa, does anyone know how its signature moves work when it changes form? For example, if it transforms into the Unbound form, does Hyperspace Hole automatically become Hyperspace Fury? We already know Hoopa-C (or anything else that isn't Hoopa-U for that matter) can't use Hyperspace Fury anyway even if it knows it, but that might have been figured out with hacking.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

The anti-vax crowd jumps the shark

So not only are vaccines bad, but measles, chicken pox and cancer are good.

And this is happening in my country, too. This is what happens when your government goes to war against the scientific community for nine years.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

100 coins in Tick Tock Clock is easy.

If you can't do it with your eyes closed, there's something seriously wrong with your synapses.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Is Serebii causing issues for anyone else?

Because I've had problems with it for a few weeks. I can open the front page, then maybe a few other pages if I'm lucky, and then everything just stops, and I can't access anything on the site for a while. It's not a browser issue - hell, it's not even a computer issue, since even my Wii U is affected. And it's just Serebii's main site itself, even the forums run fine, along with literally every website I visit. One of my old regulars reports having the same problem, but another one has no issues whatsoever.

So if you have a few seconds to waste, could you please test it out on your end? The best way to figure out quickly whether there are problems, in my experience, is to open a bunch of news pages and see if they all load, images and all.