Monday, October 20, 2014

Christian Weston Chandler can suck it too.

If you don't know who he is, great, keep it that way. If you do... well, I'm currently going over a reading of his masterpiece of shit, Sonichu, and it's just frightening me in ways the normal human mind cannot comprehend. And it goes far beyond the mere idea of "wow, this is shit". The guy's defining trait, as far as I'm able to tell, is that he's somewhere in the autistic spectrum. Well, so am I (though considering this blog and my previous works, you probably don't need me to tell you that). And it horrifies me that this guy would have the exact same disorder I do. I have that much in common with him. Like if I took a single wrong turn somewhere in life, I would've ended up like this guy. I'm eternally grateful to my parents for pushing me into making the efforts needed to turn up relatively normal (which only really happened because I was diagnosed at age 21, to be fair).

Wanna know the most bone-chilling part of this whole thing? Skip to 10:25 of this video (then feel free to watch the whole reading if you feel like you have too much faith in humanity). Also, look at the ID of the video in the URL. It LITERALLY reads "holy fuck". Even YouTube's random ID generator knows what's up.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Terrible drivers can suck it.

In reaction to the news that many new photo radars are going to be installed all over the province, angry drivers everywhere are in an uproar over what they call "ticket traps". Well if you drive correctly, these won't do anything to you, am I correct? So if you really have a problem with this, it's because you drive like you're playing GTA or something, at which point you're a threat to competent drivers (and yourselves, but I don't care that much, social Darwinism and all), and thus you need your wallet drained for you to (maybe) get the point.

Ideally, these things need to be plastered over every intersection and NOT be announced ahead of time, to really instill terror in the hearts of those who found their driving licenses in cereal bags. Of course it's not cost-effective, but I can't sympathize with people who can't be assed to stick to the speed limits, stop at red lights (and even yellows, as much as possible), or lay down their phone for a bit. Make those imbeciles pay!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Pokémon soundtrack opinions

Why? Because I can.

Wild battles:

5 > 2 > 3 > 6 > 1 > 4

Trainer battles:

2 > 1 > 5 > 3 > 6 > 4

Rival battles:

Silver > Cheren/Bianca > Serena > May > Barry > Hugh

Gym leaders:

5 > 3 > 2 > 1 > 4 > 6

Elite 4:

5 > 3 > 6

Champion battles:

Blue > Steven/Wallace > Lance > Cynthia > Diantha > Alder > Iris

Villainous teams:

Galactic > Magma/Aqua > Rocket > BW1 Plasma > BW2 Plasma > Flare

Villainous bosses:

Cyrus > BW1 Ghetsis > BW2 Ghetsis > Maxie/Archie > N > Lysandre

Cover legendaries:

4 > 5 > 3 > HGSS > 6

What about you?

Mossdeep, we have a problem

So it seems like while Primal Reversion works just like mega evolution, it doesn't actually count towards the limit of one mega, meaning you can potentially use BOTH Primal Kyogre and Primal Groudon, and still use a mega evolution on the side. Now the question is, would you want to use Primal Kyogre? The big difference in terms of ability is that Kyogre gains a relatively useless Fire immunity, but the stats are very questionable, with no less than 50 extra points in the useless attack stat. It basically boils down to a 15% boost in special attack and 13% in special defense - and no extra speed. Nowhere near the Choice items it's using so much right now. For Groudon it's really a no-brainer, though. It'll be interesting to see where it all goes, but the fact that you can use Primals at will without taking your mega slot is certainly going to make an impact.

It's also pretty much confirmed that aside from evolutions to old Pokémon (such as Gallade, Dusknoir, etc.), there is indeed no Dex expansion. While people argue that HGSS didn't have one either, not only was the Johto Dex bigger than Hoenn's, but the main game made much less of a percentage of a whole thing than RSE used to. This is why it's so much more of a problem now than it was then.

Finally, the new Hoopa is confirmed to be an alternate form, with the transformation triggered by a key item. So Magician actually makes some sense after all... too bad there's still the major issue of it being a terrible ability even when it works properly.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Nonsensical tidbit of the day

Primal Kyogre can't do jack shit to Primal Groudon with Water moves when Desolate Land is active, but Golduck (FUCKING GOLDUCK) gets a guaranteed OHKO with Surf. Whose idea was it for Cloud Nine and Air Lock to work on Desolate Land and Primordial Sea, exactly? Not that I'm complaining, of course, at least those pathetic abilities get a slight buff, but still, it makes little sense. It also means that Rayquaza doesn't even need to turn mega to disable the Primals' abilities. Though Delta Stream still does a much better job at it, mind you.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Even more datamining news: gyms/E4 and possible Dex expansion

First we have trainer lineups, including what we all care about, gym leaders and the E4. Seems like the gym leaders have the same teams as in Ruby and Sapphire, because fuck Emerald (that's the word of the day, it seems). Well, the first three gyms have lower levels than before (as hinted by Brawly's Makuhita), Flannery and Norman are about the same, and the last three are higher. So it seems like the level curve may be altered a bit.

As for the E4, their levels are also higher, and they progress the later you get, so it seems like the old method of fighting them in a fixed order is back. Sidney has the same lineup, Phoebe swaps one of her Dusclopses for a Dusknoir, Glacia replaces both Sealeos with two Froslasses (which means FOUR Pokémon in the same evolutionary line!), Drake replaces his Shelgon with a Kingdra, and Steven stays the same, culminating with a level 59 Mega Metagross (FUCK). No word on his Aggron's moveset so far.

Also interesting is the fact that non-Hoenn Dex Pokémon were found in trainer lineups, but scrolling through the text file I've only found them in rematches so far. I'll see if I can find anything that's NOT a rematch, because if there isn't then it may still mean the Hoenn Dex isn't getting expanded. I'll get back to you on that later.

Edit: Okay, so those Pokémon are all rematches or what appears to be post-game content (including the S.S. Tidal)... except for ONE trainer in Victory Road who has a Darmanitan. What is this I don't even.

Also, E4 rematches confirmed?

Sidney: Scrafty 70, Shiftry 70, Sharpedo 70, Zoroark 70, Mandibuzz 70, Mega Absol 72
Phoebe: Banette 71, Mismagius 71, Drifblim 71, Chandelure 71, Dusknoir 71, Mega Sableye 73
Glacia: Abomasnow 72, Beartic 72, Froslass 72, Vanilluxe 72, Walrein 72, Mega Glalie 74
Drake: Altaria 73, Dragalge 73, Kingdra 73, Flygon 73, Haxorus 73, Mega Salamence 75
Steven: Skarmory 77, Claydol 77, Carbink 77, Aerodactyl 77, Aggron 77, Mega Metagross 79

Wallace also has an alternate roster (under the trainer class "Sootopolitan") that matches what he had in Emerald.

And speaking of Wallace, WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO YOU MAN?

Edit 2: Additional superboss... WALLY?

Roserade 79, Talonflame 79, Azumarill 79, Magnezone 79, Garchomp 79, Mega Gallade 81

Also, movesets for important trainers are now up. Steven's Aggron knows Earthquake, Stone Edge, Iron Tail and Dragon Claw. Dammit, there goes the joke.

Also, here's some really good news... MAY DOESN'T QUIT HALFWAY THROUGH! The final fight with her features a level 50 fully evolved starter... mega evolved!

Edit 3: Fun fact: The so-called "Mega Hoopa" only has stat boosts that add up to 80 points, suggesting that it might not be, in fact, a mega, and instead an alternate form. If that's the case, then Magician makes a lot more sense (as long as the form change isn't a Giratina type of deal, of course). The Pastebin file even refers to it as "Hoopa-?" instead of "Hoopa-M". Stay tuned.

Tutors and TMs also datamined

It appears that there are almost no new tutors this time around, just old ones, so the first five gens should remain unchanged. But old or not, they're a godsend to many of the gen 6 Pokémon (I get my Knock Off Malamar, for instance). You can see the raw file here, and the list of tutor numbers at the bottom of this post.

There ARE a few level-up/egg move changes though, such as Boomburst Flygon, Water Shuriken Accelgor and Spiky Shield Maractus and Cacturne.

Edit: Crunch Gyarados also confirmed, so at least its mega will be able to use dual STAB decently. Whether it actually will is another matter entirely.

Also, Dark Pulse is going to be BOTH a tutor and a TM. Let's recap, shall we? There's that, no customization (although I don't really care, I still don't buy their bullshit excuse), probably no Hoenn Dex expansion, probably no Battle Frontier, no patch for X/Y, and MAGICIAN FUCKING MEGA HOOPA. This remake just SCREAMS "rushed" at this point. The game isn't even out yet and it feels unpolished as hell. Remakes don't seem to be Gamefreak's thing, are they? You know how when talking about Sonic, people say Colors and Generations were good by accident? Are we going to be saying the same thing about HGSS?

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

All mega stats datamined, Oracle Challenge results now up!

I'd hoped I could get some more contestants in, but I guess datamining 3DS games got a lot better since last year. Especially since this is all coming from the freaking DEMO. Anyway, you can see all the stats here. Note that aside from Mega Hoopa, which still seems terrible but gets a type change to Psychic/Dark (yet still keeps Magician despite needing to hold the Mega Stone... WHY?), all the new megas have already been revealed. This means no Slowking, no Butterfree and no Froslass. I am genuinely pleased by Mega Pidgeot, and I love how they drained the fuck out of Beedrill's special attack. A LOT of points were wasted on Kyogre's and Groudon's useless attack stats... I think they knew they had no choice but to do it. Only two of Slowbro's stats changed... as far as I remember no other mega can claim that. That gives it a physical defense out of this world, but the loss of Regenerator... eh, we'll see. Dragon Ascent is a full-on Close Combat clone, Origin Pulse is a more accurate Hydro Pump and Precipice Blades is a more powerful, less accurate version of Earthquake. Hoopa also gets a new move, Hyperspace Fury, which seems like it has the same effect as Hyperspace Hole, but is more powerful and Dark instead of Psychic. What are your thoughts on these?

Anyway, I should have the Oracle Challenge results later tonight. Thanks to those who participated (all ten of us)!

Edit: And here are the results (remember, ties are broken according to who submitted first):

1st: Ancient Chaos - 720
2nd: Sean McGinger - 850
3rd: Ammy175 - 900
4th: notmman - 910
5th: LordDirtyBrit - 910
6th: Slowflake - 930
7th: flameastro - 940
8th: DarkBlaze6 - 942
9th: MasterLemon - 970
10th: CurrentLeaf - 1025

Congratulations to Ancient Chaos for winning, umm, bragging rights! That was an enormous margin of victory, though, I thought there'd be more of a fight...

And now, the perfect predictions: notmman with Camerupt, Ancient Chaos with Altaria, Rayquaza and Audino, CurrentLeaf with Rayquaza, and LordDirtyBrit with Rayquaza! Honorable mention goes to Ancient Chaos (who else?), who was the only one to NOT go with my Diancie spread, and gained (lost?) 40 points over everyone else as a result!