Thursday, October 30, 2014

Explain Hyrule Warriors' elements to me.

Okay, so I know every enemy has elemental weaknesses or resistances. What I don't know is, does every attack from every character (aside from Sheik and Summoning Gate Lana) carry its respective element (but only the explicitly elemental moves, like, say, Giant Blade Impa's C4, have the added effect), or only those explicitly elemental moves? And if it's the latter, what does sword Link's Light element even do if he has no visibly Light-elemental attack, and what would Light+ do for him? Does anyone have any idea? I've been seeing so much conflicting stuff it's crazy.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Gen 2 Snorlax gets buffed 15 years after release

On simulator play, anyway. It's recently been discovered that stat drops are calculated a bit differently in the first two gens, and you can see the details here. It seems like it would be a fairly minor detail, but it ends up breaking some speed ties when Curse is involved. The most obvious and common example being -1 Skarmory against Belly Drum Snorlax; whereas both used to be tied at 158 in simulator play, -1 Skarmory clocks in at 157 in reality. It's not huge, mind you, but it's a little extra edge for the fatty, who quite frankly didn't need it.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

I might be a horrible person.

So while going through the Sonichu reading I mentioned a few days ago, I came across this alternate ending to the Christmas special in the comments to one of the videos. And I found it way funnier than it had any right to be. Probably because, well, it's Sonichu and everything related to it deserves to burn in a ball of hellfire, but it's still a family burning to death in a house (oops, spoilers). What does that make me?

Gamergate in two words: Everybody sucks.

Should I support the obviously morally bankrupt game journalism, or the side whose only tangible achievement was ruining the lives of people within the industry? How about neither? This all makes me want to find a new hobby. Being associated with all this by proxy just because I want to sit down and play a game is a really sickening feeling.

I'm really sick of hearing about it, too, but let's face it: it's not stopping any time soon, and neither are its consequences. Especially since mainstream media with no ties to specialized gaming journalism has started openly depicting the gaming community as sexist as a result. Just because a few ill-intentioned people got their way in the name of a movement that's doing a disastrous job of policing itself.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

You keep using that word, Koei.

I do not think it means what you think it means. It's the VERY END of a story, not what you call chapter 5 of 7.

Speaking of which, either the game glitched out on me, or it kicked me in the gonads by design. You know how you can rescue characters with low HP? Well, I was doing the second Valley of Seers stage earlier today, and the game would refuse to let me heal Zelda, no matter how low her HP got. And since her falling was a defeat condition... yeah, it was dreadful. I'll spare you the long version of the story, but I eventually managed to pull it off anyway.

Other question while I'm at it. Do I need to unlock Evil's Bane to get sword beams and all that other nifty stuff on the Master Sword? Because right now I'm not seeing anything. But hey, it's already way stronger than anything else I got, anything more at that stage would be utterly broken.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Someone needs to get their act together, and I don't know who.

So in the last few days, I've had YouTube videos load, but refuse to play for whatever reason. It's not every video, just a few, but they NEVER play. Apparently this has been a common problem lately... for Chrome users with AMD graphics cards. I use Firefox with a Geforce card. And Explorer isn't working either. The usual troubleshooting method for the aforementioned Chrome/AMD users is to turn off hardware acceleration, but obviously it's not working for me since the problem is somewhere else. Neither does deleting the cache and the cookies, for that matter. I figured out a way to watch the videos anyway by downloading them through KeepVid, but I'm really hoping this issue goes away eventually.

Any ideas?

Thursday, October 23, 2014

The most expensive DLC of all time

For me, getting two versions of what's essentially the same game has always been a no-no. It's true for Pokémon, it sure as all hell is true for Sonic, and it's true for Smash as well. So from that point of view, in order to have one extra character in my game, I'd have to shell out $45. NO THANKS. Not even Mewtwo is gonna sell me on this. I have so many better things to do with $45. Food, the rent, electricity, cable bills, saving up for my old days... screw you Gandalf, I'll pass.

As for the Ridley thing... well, it's a nice way to have him play a role in the game despite not being playable. Too bad most people will see what is actually a gift as a kick in the nuts. By the way, if you KO him, he has his own image in the results screen. Imagine if THAT leaked before the game came out, convincing everyone Ridley would be playable, and this is what we'd get. Holy shit, Sakurai wouldn't only get death threats, at least one crazy would actually kill him.

Regardless, they knew all along about how much people wanted Ridley in, and while this is a nice workaround to the size issue (along with everything else), this basically means that his odds of making it into a future Smash game are about the same as those of President Gerald Ford.

Scratch that, you can make a Gerald Ford Mii if you really want to. So make that LESS likely.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

M. Night Shyamalan would be ashamed, Koei.

Truly, whenever you do a crossover with a Nintendo franchise, you prove every time that you are the masters at crafting plot twists everyone already knows. You mean Sheik is Zelda? OMIGOSH! Only people who've played OoT or any Smash since Melee know that, and that's gotta be ten people at most! Seriously, the bigger surprise was that not even Impa was in on it this time, whereas she clearly was in OoT. The only thing more blatantly obvious than that would be to pass off a historical fact as a major twist. But that'd never happen, right? OH WAIT. (That'd be the shocking surprise of learning Oda Nobunaga and Oichi were siblings in Pokémon Conquest, for those who've never played it.)